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No Reports From Outside Closed Doors

We are greatly encouraged by the quality and vitality of the 2021 Freshman Class in the 117th US Congress. Despite all that is being written about a dearth admirable leaders and a paucity of vision in the country, please note, God is continues to raise up wonderful women and men to lead our nation - at a time when we need leaders led by God.

Since the Polls closed, and actively since January 4th, He has been establishing new relationships for us, and we have been asking for God ordained opportunities to meet the Freshman Class of 2021 and to build deep friendships. Please join with us in those prayers.

Thank you Jesus, so many prayers have already been answered.

You might normally expect us to say, "we'll keep you posted and share stories" -- but we won't! We establish friendships, safe relationships, and maintain the sanctity and confidentiality promised. So don't expect social media posts, and scoop stories.

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