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Grace Finlay

Grace Finlay was born ‘into’ Northern Ireland’s peace process and grew up surrounded by the reconciliation work of Leaders & Followers. She is passionate about extending hospitality to friends from around the world and equipping a new generation of leaders. 


Grace has been deeply involved in hosting international visitors to the US National Prayer Breakfast for over ten years, helping to facilitate event schedules for countless visitors, ensuring each guest is welcomed and loved. 

This experience ignited her passion for hospitality and drove her to pursue her bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management along with Business Administration at the College of Charleston, South Carolina.  Since graduating in 2018, Grace has had the pleasure of working for multiple leaders in the Charleston events industry.


Throughout her time in Charleston, Grace has been heavily involved as a volunteer leader for Young Life in the Daniel Island and West Ashley communities. Grace loved the opportunity to be in local public schools and mentor students, and felt called to pursue her Masters degree in elementary education at the College of Charleston. 

Grace’s experience attending school in both Northern Ireland and the United States has given her a unique perspective and she is passionate about equal access to education, culturally responsive schools, and serving Title 1 schools in Charleston.


In moving to the United States as a 15-year-old, Grace knows what it was like to be labeled an outsider and quickly learned to lean on the person of Jesus and his teachings. He gives an example to do as he has done, imploring us to love one another as He loves us. Grace continues to model this equally to colleagues, her students, and to leaders alike.

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